born in Porto, Portugal

living in Barcelona, Spain


2008/2011 Secondary School Antonio Arroio in the course of Production Arts (Jewellery) – Lisbon

2012/2015 Outstanding student at Massana School (artistic jewellery), Ramon Puig Cuyàs as tutor – Barcelona

Specific Qualifications

2006/2008 Initiation of Jewellery with Isa Duarte Ribeiro (Lisbon, Portugal)

2010 Internship with Teresa Milheiro (Lisbon,Portugal)

2010 Workshop moulds with Maria Joao Fernandes (Lisbon,Portugal)

2011 Workshop on Patination at Escuela de Arte (Madrid, Spain)

2011 Internship with Isa Duarte Ribeiro (Lisbon,Portugal)

2014 Jewellery seminar in Serraduy, Spain


2007/2011 Collective exhibition by Hans Christian Anderson in different locations in Portugal.

2010 Collective exhibition by Hans Christian Anderson in Sétubal, Portugal

2010/2011Collective exhibition at the Parliament PLE along different schools from Europe.

2011 Exhibition at Gallery Pop in Lisbon, Portugal.

2011 Took part in Street Mag Magazine 11th issue.

2013 Collective exhibition of students of the first academic course at Escolar Massan in Barcelona, Spain.

2013 Collective exhibition on young artists at the cultural Polidor in Barcelona, Spain.

2014 Exhibition between the Institut bil.medien; IRAA- Institute for Research in Applied Arts, Department of Design, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and students of artistic jewellery Escola Massana.